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Designed for a new, exciting, luxury hotel based in the heartland of Ireland.

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UX Project
I chose to work on this project for Triskele on my own initiative to gain experience in UX. I wanted to design a user-friendly mobile app that meets the needs of a luxury hotel's clientele. By applying my knowledge of design principles, branding, and user behavior, I was able to create a solution that would align with a luxury hotel values. This self-directed project allowed me to develop my skills and gain valuable experience.
Services Provided
User research and analysis
User interface design
User testing and feedback analysis
Interaction design
Wireframing and prototyping
Usability testing
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The Client
Triskele is a luxury hotel situated in the heartland of Ireland. It offers a sophisticated and elegant stay for guests looking for a top-notch experience. With a focus on exceptional service and amenities, Triskele provides a tranquil and luxurious escape for travelers.
The Challenge
My responsibility was to develop a booking system for a mobile app that is user-friendly, while also establishing the brand identity. After conducting extensive research, I was able to provide a solution that streamlines the reservation process and enhances the hotel's brand. The objective of the new booking system and brand identity is to enhance the guest experience and position Triskele as a premier luxury travel destination.
The Solution
I improved Triskele's mobile app booking system by designing a streamlined interface, simplifying the reservation process, and integrating a confirmation page. Through the revamped brand identity, guests can easily book their stay and enjoy a stress-free experience.
Typography for TriskeleHex Values for Triskele
Spiral PatternIcons for Triskele
Triskele Mock-Ups
UX Process
The primary objective during the design of this track was to establish a highly effective and informative pathway for a family, comprising of two adults and two children, to effortlessly discover, reserve, and make payment for their accommodations at Triskele Hotel.

This section presents the UX process, starting from competitive benchmarking and culminating in the development of its comprehensive Design System.
happy path triskele
User ResearchHand Holding a Phone
Blueface PricingIcon Mock up
Webpage montagephone in hand
Blueface website on phone
The Result
The result of my efforts was a resounding success for Triskele. The revamped booking system, with its user-friendly interface and simplified reservation process, proved to be a success.

The integration of a confirmation page provided reassurance and peace of mind, ensuring a stress-free experience from start to finish. With the new brand identity firmly established, Triskele could position itself as a premier luxury travel destination, attracting discerning travelers seeking a sophisticated and elegant stay.
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