Revolutionising the worldwide telecommunications sector through the implementation of a fresh brand strategy.

Blueface Ltd is a technology company that offers cloud-based communication solutions and VoIP services for businesses.
Dublin, Ireland
Company Size
1024 Employees
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Visual identity development
Video - Motion graphics, instructional videos etc
User research
The Client
Blueface, a Comcast Business is at the forefront of providing Unified Communications-as-a-Service technology to businesses. With its pioneering work in cloud communications, Blueface has established itself as a disruptor in the industry and remains highly committed to innovation and development
The Challenge
As Blueface, now a part of Comcast Business, sought a brand refresh, our challenge was to transition from SME-focused telecommunications to Large Enterprise Unified Communications. The goal was to maintain a friendly image while elevating the brand as a global Unified Communications as a Service leader for multinational enterprises.
The Solution
Our mission was to create a fresh brand identity, optimising accessibility without losing existing brand equity. We successfully achieved this by establishing a consistent visual identity across all communication channels. The revamped image reflects professionalism while retaining an authentic and welcoming approach, enhancing the end-to-end customer experience from inquiry to contract renewal. The result positions Blueface, A Comcast Business Company, as a genuine leader committed to technological innovation and delivering exceptional value in the realm of Unified Communications.
White Logo for Blueface
White Logo for Blueface
Blueface speech bubble (Blue)Blueface speech bubble (Dodger Blue)Blueface speech bubble (Slate Blue)Blueface speech bubble (White)
Image of blueface office wall
Blueface X Height
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squircle paterns Speech Bubble
Blueface books
Business Case for a Re-brand
Blueface, a Comcast Business company, underwent a brand strategy overhaul to align with current objectives and reflect Comcast Business standards. The focus was on a visual identity transformation for an enhanced digital experience, positioning Blueface as a Unified Communications leader while maintaining approachability. The strategy encompassed elements such as logo usage, typography, colour palette, photo style, layout examples, and tone of voice.

The design section delved into the background of Blueface as a leading Unified Communications-as-a-Service provider, emphasising its commitment to innovation. The brand promise centred on delivering reliable Unified Communications solutions. Blueface's brand vision emphasised global scaling, cloud migration partnerships, agile development, and customer-centricity. The brand's meaning and expression emphasised vivid colours, transparency, and a people-first focus.

The brand personality highlighted Blueface as reliable, intelligent, successful, and exciting. Positioned as a global technology leader, Blueface offered market-leading unified communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. The culture was characterised by entrepreneurial spirit, excellence, proactivity, ethics, diversity, and strong relationships.

The impactful phrases associated with Blueface included Unified Communications, Customisable Platform, Partnership, Innovative Business Phone System, Digital Transformation, Future Proof, Connected Customers, and Global Cloud Carrier. The design elements covered colour codes, logo usage, email signatures, typography, photo style, colour effects, layouts, and tone of voice.
As a Comcast company, Blueface recognises the importance of creating a strong brand identity for future success. This involves developing a visual language that not only appeals to our clients in the tech industry but also resonates with Their VoIP services.

When deciding on our tech company's colour palette, we found inspiration in the natural beauty of clouds and other celestial phenomena. For instance, our use of light blue, dodger blue, phlox purple, and navy blue represents the different stages of the sky throughout the day. Meanwhile, our off-white shade is reminiscent of clouds, which is significant in the context of cloud technology. Overall, our colour choices reflect the connection between the natural world and the innovative tech solutions we provide.

Finally, we ensured that our brand identity is consistent across all mediums, from our website to marketing collateral and social media. Our brand style reflects the innovative and accessible nature of our VoIP services and helps to establish Blueface as a trusted and reliable name in the industry.
Brand Colours
Gilroy font descriptionimpactful phrasing
BF Phones
UC Platform Tabletman on headset
Video Callwoman on headset
connection of worldBF Brand Guidlinesfeatures section
Blueface PricingIcon Mock up
The Result
The rebranding has propelled Blueface into a new era of recognition and credibility. The consistent visual identity across communication channels has not only modernised the brand but also positioned it as a global player in Unified Communications. The enhanced professionalism and approachability have resonated positively with partners and customers, resulting in an elevated digital experience. Blueface, A Comcast Business Company, now stands as a testament to innovation, delivering clear value propositions and establishing itself as a leader dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions in the Unified Communications landscape.
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