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A design system crafted for excellence, resonating with coherence, user-friendly experiences, and universal accessibility.

Blueface Ltd is a technology company that offers cloud-based communication solutions and VoIP services for businesses.
Dublin, Ireland
Company Size
1024 Employees
Services Provided
Visual identity development
Video - Motion graphics, instructional videos etc
User research
Website design and development
The Client
Blueface, a Comcast Business is at the forefront of providing Unified Communications-as-a-Service technology to businesses. With its pioneering work in cloud communications, Blueface has established itself as a disruptor in the industry and remains highly committed to innovation and development.
The Challenge
Following a successful rebranding initiative, Blueface, a Comcast Company, faced the task of unifying its diverse product range under a cohesive design language. The challenge was to ensure a consistent, usable, and accessible experience across all products, reinforcing Blueface's identity in the dynamic landscape of Unified Communications.
The Solution
In response to this challenge, we introduced "Loqui," the latest iteration of Blueface's design system. The name "Loqui," derived from Latin, meaning "Speaking," was a deliberate choice, symbolising the system's essence in facilitating communication—a core aspect of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Developed and designed in-house, Loqui served as the guiding framework for maintaining a seamless user experience and visual identity. It provided comprehensive guidelines on color schemes, typography, layouts, and interaction patterns, ensuring a harmonised and user-friendly environment.
Guiding Principals
In crafting the design principles for Blueface, a Comcast Company, every decision and consideration has been meticulously informed by a commitment to excellence and a dedication to user-centric experiences. These principles were established long before the completion of any design or documentation, serving as the foundational pillars that guide our creative endeavors. Inspired by the question of how we would describe Blueface if it were a person, we distilled our aspirations into guiding adjectives: committed, unified, supportive, communicative, collaborative, reliable, flexible, and scalable. These principles embody our steadfast commitment to delivering a design system that not only meets the needs of our users but also reflects the essence of Blueface – a reliable and collaborative partner in the realm of unified communication solutions.

We're committed to crafting positive, respectful, and delightful experiences that resonate with individuals.


Blueface embraces unity, fostering natural connections and a shared sense of positivity and inclusivity.


Our philosophy revolves around providing robust support through collaboration, data insights, and empathetic understanding.


Blueface's approach prioritizes clear and effective communication, humanizing interactions with a natural and relatable tone.


Collaboration is ingrained in Blueface's culture, resulting in credible solutions that deeply understand and meet the unique needs of our customers.


Blueface's commitment to reliability is unwavering, rooted in courage, confidence, and principles, delivering solutions that consistently earn trust.


Flexibility is key at Blueface. With bravery and passion, we adapt to changes, embrace innovation, and take calculated risks for solutions that evolve with dynamic needs.

Future Driven

Pioneering into the future, Blueface designs scalable solutions with confidence and foresight, inspiring and elevating for a more scalable and inspiring future for all.

The color palette in Loqui not only defines our distinctive brand identity but also plays a crucial role in ensuring coherence and engaging interfaces across our diverse digital products. It is imperative that all colors strictly adhere to the AA accessibility standards, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and user-friendly design.
Brand Colours
Components in use:
The Loqui design system integrates seamlessly with Figma, offering a comprehensive library that encompasses all core components and styles. Designers can effortlessly reuse these elements within their product area, ensuring a harmonious and up-to-date design language. Utilizing the library guarantees that any updates made to the Loqui design system automatically reflect in their designs, maintaining alignment with the latest release and ensuring consistency across design assets and code.

In practical terms, Loqui's component library is dynamic and ever-evolving. It not only introduces essential base components like buttons and inputs but also incorporates more intricate functionalities such as footers and avatars. Moreover, it includes a collection of common functionalities crucial for frontend development, such as a set of custom React hooks. The library's flexibility supports customization and branding tailored to different applications and clients within the Loqui ecosystem.
Blueface website on phone
UC Portal
The Result
The implementation of Loqui marks a transformative shift in Blueface's product ecosystem. With a unified design language, products now share a consistent aesthetic and user interface, significantly enhancing the overall user experience and streamlining development processes. The intentional choice of the name "Loqui" reinforces Blueface's commitment to communication, aligning perfectly with its role as a provider of innovative Unified Communications solutions. This design system not only strengthens Blueface's brand identity but also positions it as a leader in the ever-evolving landscape of Unified Communications.
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