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Redefining of Blueface's online presence: fusing visionary design with user-centric functionality for an innovative digital experience.

Blueface Ltd is a technology company that offers cloud-based communication solutions and VoIP services for businesses.
Dublin, Ireland
Company Size
1024 Employees
Services Provided
Visual identity development
Video - Motion graphics, instructional videos etc
User research
Website design and development
The Client
Blueface, a Comcast Business is at the forefront of providing Unified Communications-as-a-Service technology to businesses. With its pioneering work in cloud communications, Blueface has established itself as a disruptor in the industry and remains highly committed to innovation and development
The Challenge
With the recent completion of a comprehensive brand revamp for Blueface, now part of Comcast Business, the need for an equally impactful website overhaul became evident. The existing website lacked the strategic consideration befitting the refreshed brand identity. Recognizing this gap, our approach involved a deliberate research process preceding any design endeavors. This in-depth exploration was vital to unearth user preferences, industry trends, and functional requirements. By conducting thorough research, we aimed to align the redesigned website seamlessly with the new brand ethos and user expectations. The goal was not just a visual refresh but a strategic and user-focused digital transformation for an unparalleled online experience.
The Solution
In aligning with our guiding principles of Commitment, Unity, Support, Communication, Collaboration, Reliability, Innovation, and Future-Driven, we recognized the pivotal role of understanding our customer base to deliver on our promises. Adopting a UX process inspired by IBM's Design Thinking framework, our journey began with Empathize. Through Customer Personas and Empathy Maps, we delved into the diverse perspectives of our users. Moving to Define, Affinity Diagrams helped distill insights into actionable goals. Research became the cornerstone, bridging Ideation and Wireframing stages. Prototypes—Low, Mid, High Fidelity—formed the basis for Testing and Iteration. The Design phase manifested our principles into a tangible user experience, paving the way for a seamless Publish. This cyclical process of Learn, Implement, and Evaluate ensures a continual commitment to improvement, mirroring IBM's framework for comprehensive and impactful UX design.
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web pages
Blueface website on phone
The Result
Through a strategic and empathetic approach to understanding the unique challenges and aspirations of users like Sarah Turner, the implementation of Blueface's Unified Communications solution achieved notable success. The comprehensive customer journey mapping, informed by detailed empathy insights. Addressing low confidence areas with targeted support interventions ensured a high level of satisfaction. The result is a transformed communication landscape within their customers enterprises, marked by increased efficiency, widespread user adoption, and positive feedback. This success underscores the efficacy of a user-centric approach, driving impactful solutions and solidifying Blueface's commitment to customer excellence.
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