Revitalizing Blueface's UCaaS: Where Innovation Meets Seamless Connectivity."

Blueface Ltd is a technology company that offers cloud-based communication solutions and VoIP services for businesses.
Dublin, Ireland
Company Size
1024 Employees
Services Provided
Visual identity development
Video - Motion graphics, instructional videos etc
User research
Website design and development
The Client
Blueface, a Comcast Business is at the forefront of providing Unified Communications-as-a-Service technology to businesses. With its pioneering work in cloud communications, Blueface has established itself as a disruptor in the industry and remains highly committed to innovation and development
The Challenge
Following the recent acquisition of Blueface by Comcast Business, the need for a comprehensive redesign of their UCaaS system has become imperative. The outdated system has proven to be a bottleneck, resulting in frequent drop-offs and challenges for customer service. To address these issues, our approach involves a meticulous research phase aimed at understanding user needs, industry standards, and functional requirements. By conducting thorough research, we aim to align the redesigned UCaaS system seamlessly with the new brand identity and exceed customer expectations. Our goal is not just a visual overhaul, but a strategic and user-centric transformation to deliver an unparalleled experience for Blueface's expanding customer base under Comcast Business ownership.
The Solution
To address Blueface's UCaaS system challenges post-acquisition by Comcast Business, we utilized IDEO's Design Thinking framework. Our solution involved empathizing with users, defining key objectives, ideating innovative solutions, prototyping iteratively, and testing rigorously. This approach ensured a comprehensive redesign focusing on technical improvements and user-centric design principles, delivering an enhanced customer experience.
Webpage montagephone in hand
Blueface website on phone
The Result
Following the implementation of our redesigned UCaaS system, Blueface experienced a significant reduction in drop-off rates and an improvement in customer service efficiency, ultimately enhancing overall user satisfaction and solidifying its position as a leading provider in the telecommunications industry under Comcast Business ownership.
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